Who We Are

An experienced, diverse and knowledgeable team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality advice and service.

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What Makes Us Different

Our disciplined investment approach, experience navigating various market cycles and focus on accountability.

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Cygnus Next

We recognize that many in the next generation want low-cost and customized investment solutions, and the ability to begin investing with less money.

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Meet Us Face-to-Face

Welcome To Cygnus. Partnership. This one word embodies how we at Cygnus Asset Management, LLC (“Cygnus”) view client relationships. It’s our job to be long-term partners with our clients and help them meet their investment goals. Period.

Client needs always come first, and as a privately owned independent financial services practice, we have the flexibility and focus to deliver unbiased advice.

Our approach to clients is disciplined and team-oriented – each client gets to know everyone at Cygnus and consider them a resource.

But our definition of this long-term relationship goes even further, as we believe it’s vitally important to give back to the community. We view our community, as we do our clients and our team, as members of the Cygnus family.

We invite you to get to know us better.

Our Mission Cygnus was founded, and continues its mission, based on three founding principles: To have a meaningful and positive impact on the financial lives of our clients. To provide team members a diverse working environment which encourages professional growth. To give back to the community through on-going philanthropic activities. About Us »

Why is our name Cygnus? Cygnus is the swan constellation of the Northern Cross, which is visible only in the northwest quadrant of the sky. We chose this name for our practice because in the investment world, our target for the performance of client accounts is the northwest quadrant of a risk vs. return chart – indicative of higher return with less risk. Why Cygnus »