Who We Serve

We provide our wealth management services to a select group of individuals and institutions who are in many ways just like us – diverse, family-oriented and active in the community – and who appreciate our mix of investment knowledge, disciplined approach to investing and client focus.

While we cater primarily to high net worth clientele, we also work with nonprofit organizations. These organizations recognize our dedication to philanthropic activities, and appreciate our ability to help them navigate the myriad laws surrounding fiduciary responsibility.

We also recognize the need to assist the next generation of investors as they begin to accumulate assets and plan for their financial future. We have developed a program – Cygnus Next – which allows these investors to access our investment expertise at a significantly lower account minimum. Click here to learn more.

All clients demand confidentiality and transparency, and we’re committed to providing both at all times. Clients also want continuity, and therefore the stability of our organization and emphasis on “shared client service” helps us ensure that telephones will not go unanswered and client requests will be fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner.

Reflective of the fact that many of our clients are just like us, we have formed a Client Advisory Board that meets regularly. This forum allows us to solicit feedback and suggestions from our clients and to incorporate their ideas into our practice. These meetings foster the family atmosphere of our practice and the rotating nature of its membership ensures that a diverse group of clients is always heard.

— Clif McIntire, Founding Partner, Investment Consultant, RJFS