Our Commitment

Our commitment to clients is embodied in our Code of Ethics, a blueprint for our conduct which all of our team members must agree to:

  1. Serve the financial interests of clients. We shall always place the financial interests of the client first. All recommendations to clients and decisions on behalf of clients shall be based solely in the best interest of the client.
  2. Disclose fully to clients services provided and compensation received. Financial relationships, direct or indirect, between consultants and investment managers, plan officials, beneficiaries, sponsors or any other potential conflicts of interest shall be disclosed on a timely basis.
  3. Provide to clients material information related to the investment decision-making process as well as other information they may need to make informed decisions based on realistic expectations. Client inquiries shall be answered promptly, completely, and truthfully.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of client information.
  5. Seek to better serve clients and enhance investment management consulting through ongoing education and training.
  6. Maintain the highest of professional ethical conduct.